Marine Rewilding Work Programme and Advocacy Strategy Development

Project Aim:

The primary aim of this project was to develop a marine rewilding work programme and advocacy strategy in collaboration with Rewilding Britain. This initiative aimed to promote the conservation and restoration of marine ecosystems, fostering biodiversity and ecological balance within UK waters.

Project Outcome:

Comprehensive Research: Howell Marine Consulting conducted extensive background research, providing a foundational understanding of marine rewilding and its potential impact.

Stakeholder Engagement: The project involved in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, fostering a broad spectrum of insights and perspectives.

Expert Workshop: An expert-led workshop facilitated a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and strategy development.

Strategic Recommendations: The project yielded a set of strategic recommendations designed to guide the marine rewilding work programme.

Advocacy Strategy: An advocacy strategy was formulated to promote the adoption of marine rewilding practices and principles.

Action Plan: The findings were translated into a practical action plan, outlining tangible steps to support marine ecosystem conservation and rewilding.

Overall, the project successfully delivered a roadmap for marine rewilding, reinforcing the commitment to preserving and revitalising marine environments in the UK.

Howell Marine Consulting (HMC) partnered with Rewilding Britain to spearhead a pioneering initiative focused on marine rewilding. This transformative project involved comprehensive background research, in-depth stakeholder interviews, and an expert-led workshop.

Our collaborative efforts culminated in a robust set of findings, strategically integrated into a series of actionable recommendations and a comprehensive advocacy strategy. These insights and action plans provide a clear pathway for the conservation and rewilding of marine ecosystems, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability and biodiversity restoration.

Through this project, HMC and Rewilding Britain are taking tangible steps toward a healthier and more vibrant marine environment, benefiting both our planet and future generations.

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